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Myths Associated with Sports Massage

A sports massage is a technique of massaging the muscles in to increase the performance of a sport. This massage is used to Check over here improve and stimulate the muscle's performance prior to, during the course of, and following a game. The goal of this therapy is to offer athletes various therapeutic benefits including muscular balance, cardiovascular fitness , and neuromuscular recovery. It can improve sports performance and decrease the risk of injury and reduce muscle strain. There are many misconceptions about this therapeutic treatment.

Many people are under the impression that massages for sports cause discomfort. This is false. While it's true certain strains, bruises and strains can feel painful due to the motion of the masseur's hands , or the resistance of the muscles being stretched, this feeling typically fades within a few hours. This is because the muscles are soothed and relaxed during this massage and because the force applied to the area of injury is minimal.

Another myth is the idea that massages might help in a better night's sleep. It's simply not the case. Sports massage doesn't induce sleep. Rather, it aids in the proper circulation of blood and lymphatic drainage that aids in a good night's sleep. It results in better general health and better sleeping.

Myth: I've hurt my back and can't be able to play again. - If you have recently suffered back pain and are wondering if sports massage is able to help the issue, you can be sure that this treatment for healing can be extremely beneficial. The first step to healing is rest. Your back will heal quicker in the absence of stress. Once your muscles are sufficiently relaxed, you are able to begin your therapy , which will involve gentle stretching to release any muscle tension. You will notice a reduction in your injuries after about a couple of weeks. Rest isn't the sole treatment for injuries. If you continue to feel back pain, see your doctor.

Myth: Massages for sports are not suitable for me. - There are lots of advantages to having massages for athletes of all age groups. Numerous medical professionals recommend these massages to athletes training for future athletic events. Massages are a great way to decrease the accumulation of lactic acid following strenuous playing of golf, tennis or sprinting, and can aid athletes recuperating from injuries.

Additionally, studies have shown that athletes who go through these therapies show a dramatic reduction in body fat after sporting massages. During a study at the University of North Carolina, researchers discovered that lactic acids was elevated following lactic acid treatments while they were doing a vigorous treadmill exercise routine. In the case of participants taking muscular relaxants however the levels of lactic acids in their blood stream fell substantially. This suggests that the use of muscles relaxants may increase the levels of lactic acids in bloodstreams. It could also be beneficial to athletes.

Myth: Massages for sports don't be a factor in an athlete's performance. Additional research has shown that massage techniques could have a positive impact on the performance of athletes. Massage techniques that include stretching and vibration were demonstrated to boost endurance and performance in one research. In another study, athletes that underwent a series of muscle stretches and massages before the start of an athletic event showed a significant increase in their muscle endurance. Another study showed that distance runners in the college age group experienced a significant improvement in time when they used vibration and stretching exercises prior to a 5-km race.


Studies have shown that sports massage is an essential part of any athlete's training program. However, keep in mind that every individual is unique and has their own requirements about how hard an athlete needs to be able to train or compete. An athlete must select the most appropriate treatment that meets their needs. The aim is to enable athletes to achieve their full potential.